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15 Common Reasons for Garage Door Damage

Garage door damage can be a safety risk, leaving your valuables in the garage completely exposed. A broken garage door is also an issue for curb appeal, hurting the value of your home and potentially causing issues with your neighbors. Here are some very common types of garage door damage we see homeowners deal with:

Broken spring: The springs hold a lot of weight and help open and close the door. Over time they break, especially if you aren’t regularly performing garage door spring maintenance.

Broken cable: Cables help keep your door spring in place and may be broken if the garage door spring is broken.

Sagging or broken garage door chain: Often, the sprocket holding the chain will break over time, though chain corrosion is possible as well.

Wear and tear: Over time, parts simply wear out and need to be replaced.

Track misalignment: Tracks can sag, get bent or get out of line, causing issues for opening or closing the door.

Auto accidents: Putting the car into the wrong gear, many homeowners have accidentally hit the gas, only to go the wrong direction and slam into the garage door. This can severely dent panels or knock the garage door of the tracks. Sometimes, drivers will also start to enter or leave before the door is fully up, hitting the door blindly with the top of their car.

Denting: Hockey pucks, golf balls—there are many things that can hit a garage door and cause visible damage.

Severe weather damage: Cold Oklahoma winters can lead to snapped springs or fallen trees that cause panel damage.

Garage door engine issues: Over time the motor can go bad. You may notice loud noises or the opener may stop responding completely. Make sure you check out these potential issues to troubleshoot.

Garage door sensor issues: Eventually, your sensors will go bad and need to be replaced. While sometimes it might be just a misalignment of the sensors or something (like evening sunlight) causing a visual block, sometimes they need to be replaced.

Door balance issues: If the door gets off-kilter or crooked, then raising or lowering your door can be really hard on the motor and other garage door parts.

Rusting: Hinges, springs, tracks and chains call all rust on the garage door, especially without regular care.

Inclement weather damage: Garage doors can be damaged from old weather stripping breaking down or water penetrating the surface (especially for wooden garage doors). Over time, water can destroy the parts or door as a whole.

Broken locks: For garage doors that don’t use an opener, locks are important to safety. A garage door lock could stop working due to normal wear and tear, becoming rusted-over from weather, or from damage due to an attempted break-in.

Shredded gears: The parts in the opener may be stripped, saving the motor but no longer operating the door. These gears are more likely to go bad if other signs of significant damage are ignored.

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