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2019 Garage Door Trends that Boost Home Value

Replacing an old garage door nearly pays for itself: garage door replacements return 98 percent of value at the time of resale. The ROI is so high with garage doors because curb appeal attracts more interest than inside-the-home projects. See what the 2019 garage door trends are, and how these trends can raise the value of your home.

Wood Garage Doors 

With the rise of fiberglass garage doors, wood doors have become less popular. This year, though, consumers have started to look back to the natural material. Expect this trend to continue into 2019.

Wood garage doors are pricier than their metal or fiberglass counterparts, and this may be the reason for their appeal in 2018 and 2019. Consumers want to make their homes look luxurious, and wood garage doors add luxury as well as curb appeal. Pine, oak and other woods add elegance, texture, and style.

Faux wood doors are so realistic they look like the real deal from afar, and let you get in on the trend if you’re budget-minded.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Smart garage door openers retrofit existing garage door openers, which is great, since you don’t need to replace the mechanism to automate door usage and control for home security. Early adopters, who have already waded into the smart home trend with other devices, have started to adopt smart openers. We expect smart garage door openers to gain widespread market penetration in 2019. These tools increase peace of mind (no more worries whether the garage door is open), allow regulated access control for maintenance and repair workers and provide at-a-glance home security.

Statement Colors 

The white garage door of the past is boring to modern homeowners.  For 2019, garage doors are going bright with statement colors that let homeowners express themselves while increasing curb appeal. Bright colors can update an old garage door to look more contemporary.

While there are many benefits to repainting a garage door with vivid hues, this is one trend to be careful with: A color that’s too “out there” could be a turnoff when you place your home on the market.

Big Windows 

Natural light is not only trending, it’s practical: The more light that passes through into your garage, the less electricity you need to use to illuminate the garage interior. Garage doors with windows have always been an option, but they’re attracting more attention these days and the sizes of garage windows are getting larger, too. We say, let there be light!

This trend shows how homeowners have re-conceptualized the purpose of the garage. The garage has recently become an extension of the home and often a dedicated hobby area. Homeowners are spending more money on garage storage, garage doors, and even insulation that makes the garage more comfortable.
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