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3 Aluminum Garage Door Maintenance Tips

If you own an aluminum garage door, there’s good news! These doors require little maintenance and last for decades. Aluminum garage doors are lightweight, so they put little wear and tear on standard garage door openers. They’re also corrosion-free, so they never rust. They’re durable, easy to recycle, and they look good with regular cleaning. Below are three things we recommend you do to take care of your aluminum garage doors.

1. Insulate for Cold or Hot Weather

Aluminum garage doors excel in many ways, but they’re not known for their energy efficiency. If maintaining an energy-efficient, comfortable garage is one of your priorities, insulating your aluminum garage door can help you with this goal. Insulation kits are available for sale in home improvement stores and online.

You can either put up your own garage door insulation or hire a professional to do it for you. Insulation kits come with instructions that make insulation relatively easy, but it’s important to buy a kit that’s made for your door type and size. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing your product.

2. Clean Regularly

Wash your aluminum garage door periodically to remove grit and grime that could either lead to mildew growth on the door, or which could scratch the finish. To clean your aluminum garage door, spray it gently with a hose, then wash the door with warm soapy water on a sponge. Leave the door to air dry.

3. Get Tune-Ups Periodically

Like all other doors, aluminum garage doors need regular tune-ups. During tune-ups, your garage door contractor will check the wiring and connections, test the garage door opener safety features as well as the opener itself, lubricate the moving parts, and re-balance the door, if needed. Because aluminum garage doors are so lightweight, they’re very easy on the mechanical parts of the door, so with periodic tune-ups, you can expect your garage door and opener to last a very long time.

Contact Us for Your Aluminum Garage Door Tune-Up

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