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3 Signs Your Wood Garage Door Needs Replacement

Wood garage doors have a service life that can last decades if they’re properly maintained. However, even the best-maintained wooden garage door is likely to need replacing at some point. If you’ve got a wood garage door that isn’t performing the way it used to, it may be time for a replacement. Below are the signs to watch for that your wood garage door needs to be replaced.

1. Rotting, Soft Wood

When wood is exposed to moisture repeatedly, it can become rotten and soft. Your wood garage door should be sealed against moisture with paint or sealant, but if the paint or sealant is wearing away, rotten wood could be the result.

How can you tell if your wooden garage door is rotten? Try poking it with a screwdriver or an awl. Poke the door in multiple places near the area where the door meets the driveway.

If the wood is rotten, the screwdriver will sink into the door. Rotten wood is a big problem. Rot can spread and can also weaken the structural integrity of your door. If the rot is severe, your door should be replaced. Have it evaluated by a garage door repair person.

2. Stains

Stains on your garage door could be the result of mildew or mold in the wood, which can lead to rot. Although stains can be painted over, they will still be visible under transparent sealer. If you prefer the look of naked wood and don’t want to paint your garage door, you may be able to sand down the wood to get rid of surface-level stains. If the stains run too deep, this won’t work.

3. You Don’t Have Time for Maintenance

Wood garage doors require a lot of maintenance! If you don’t have time for maintaining your wood doors, then you should consider installing garage doors that require little or no maintenance. Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City sells a variety of garage door types including vinyl, steel, and fiberglass. Some of these doors even look like wood, so you can enjoy the look of wood without the maintenance!

Need to Replace Your Wood Garage Door? Call Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City

If you believe that your wooden garage door needs to be replaced, get it done! Call Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City to find out more about the products we sell. We can evaluate your door, make recommendations for repair, or help you with a quote for a new garage door if that’s what you’d like. We’re here to help!

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