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4 Benefits of Garage Door Insulation

When we bring up insulating the garage, we get a lot of skepticism from our clients. They ask, is that really necessary?

Is it necessary? No, but it is highly advantageous. See below for the top 4 benefits of insulating your garage.

1. Garage Door Insulation Saves Energy 

Insulation saves energy by reducing the transfer of air between inside and outside. You might think about your garage as being outside, but if you have rooms over the garage, then cold air is seeping from the garage to the inside of the home through the walls and floors.

Insulating the garage will keep the home warmer by reducing air transfer and evening out some of those cold spots in your house. When your home is warmer, you can turn down the thermostat to save energy and money.

2. Insulated Garage Doors are Quieter

Older garage doors can be creaky and noisy. While lubrication and maintenance can improve things, this type of maintenance won’t hide loud rattling from thin garage door panels.

Insulated doors tend to be both heavier and more durable. The extra weight means that insulated garage doors move less during operation, so they stay quieter. Anyone living above the garage will thank you!

3. Insulation Keeps the Garage (and Your Home) Warmer 

An insulated garage door can keep the garage 10 degrees above freezing if outside temperatures are 20 degrees. That extra bit of warmth makes it more comfortable to spend time in the garage, whether you’re working on a hobby or taking out garbage.

A warm garage also protects your car from freezing winter weather. Chilly winters can impact the car’s battery, fluids, tires and spark plugs. A few degrees of extra warmth, thanks to insulation, make a lot of difference to your car’s performance and your comfort.

Every time you go between the home and the garage, cold air from the garage seeps inside the house. If the garage is not insulated, the air is much colder, and your home temperature lowers more as a result. If the garage is insulated, there’s less of a differential between the garage and the home. The house stays warmer as a result, so you will feel more comfortable and lose less heat when traveling from the home to the garage.

4. Insulated Garage Doors are Tougher

Some types of garage doors are pretty thin. These garage doors don’t hold up well and they’re likely to get dented or scratched from debris. Garage doors even take a beating from daily use. Because insulation adds layers to garage doors, it makes them thicker and more durable. As a result, insulated garage doors are more likely to hold up over decades. You will get better longevity out of your door when it’s insulated.

By replacing an existing garage door with an insulated garage door, you will enjoy all these benefits and boost the value of your home. Browse garage door styles or contact the Overhead Door of Oklahoma City™ to get a quote.

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