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4 Great Reasons to Buy Your New Garage Door From a Major Brand

Most major brands become successful for a reason. While there may be a lot of garage door contractors selling their products and marketing to homeowners in Oklahoma City, not all of them are known entities that provide a good value at a great price. Buying a garage door from a known brand and then contracting with that company for repairs and tune-ups can ensure consistent quality in service and product value. Below are four reasons to buy your new garage door from a major brand.

1. Solid Warranty

Not every garage door contractor can offer a solid warranty to back up their products, but most major retailers can. Overhead Door’s warranty, for example, is easy to follow and provided for all of our products. We’ve even posted our warranty information online, so you can access your warranty at any time, even if you can’t find your original copy.

2. Well-Known Reputation

The bigger a company is, the more people you may know who have used that company for their product installation. You can ask your friends and relatives if they’ve used that company, what their experience was like, and whether they’d recommend that company to you.

Major retailers may also have hundreds of references to provide, for clients who don’t know anyone personally who hired that company for services. The more references, the better! Contacting references is a good way to follow up and ensure the company you’re thinking about hiring has a known track record and provides consistent service.

3. Reliable Products

Major retailers have the resources to create reliable products through rigorous testing and research. Companies like Overhead Door, which has been in business for over 95 years, have tried and true products that consumers want and value. Over time, major retailers are able to weed out the products that don’t perform as well.

This passes value along to consumers, so they can install products that stand the test of time. And, because major retailers tend to be around for decades, consumers can buy those same reliable products again and again.

4. Skilled, Professional Contractors

Hiring an unknown entity can deliver unknown results, and that can be stressful, to say the least. Home services companies like Overhead Door have consistent training practices to ensure that their contractors and installers are able to deliver dependable installation service.

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