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4 Ideas to Give Your Garage a Makeover

A shabby, poorly maintained garage can negatively impact your home’s curb appeal while also devaluing your home. If you would classify your garage as “cosmetically challenged”, then there are several things you can do to make the structure an asset once again. These garage makeover tips make easy home improvement projects, even if you’re on a budget or lacking for time.

1. Repaint

You’d be amazed at how new and beautiful your garage can look with a fresh coat of paint. Especially if the garage is detached, painting the exterior can be done without painting the rest of the house. You don’t even have to make your garage match your house.

Some homeowners choose to paint their garage in an accent color that sets it apart from the primary structure. Other homeowners choose to paint their garage in a calm neutral that helps the structure blend into the background. Whatever color you choose, repainting is one way that you can make your garage look brand new, even if it’s really quite old.

Repainting can be a time-consuming process, even on a small structure. Work with a painting contractor to get the work done efficiently.

2. Clean Windows

Garage windows have a way of getting very dirty but rarely do they get cleaned. Taking half an hour or an hour to clean them can make your garage look more attractive from the outside as well as the inside. Cleaning the windows is also a good way to let natural light into the interior, which can make your garage safer and more functional.

3. Organize Inside

If you were to stand in your garage, what would you see? Would you see boxes strewn about on the floor, tools in the corner, and garden supplies scattered around? You’re not alone. Many people have disorganized garages, full of clutter. Disorganization makes your garage difficult to use and unsafe to navigate.

By organizing the clutter and picking up the mess, you can turn your garage into a like-new space. Organizing makes it easy to fit more items inside for storage, and may even allow you to park your car in the garage for the first time. If necessary, have a contractor or handyman install a loft area where you can store boxes and items up out of the way.

4. Install New Garage Door

The ROI of a new garage door is about 98%! By installing a new garage door, you can improve your home’s value and make your garage look new and beautiful. To get the most value for your money, be sure to work with a garage door installer that enjoys a good reputation for selling quality products.

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