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4 Signs Your Roll Up Commercial Garage Door Needs New Hardware

Roll up commercial garage doors can last decades, but as they near the end of their service life, you’ll start to notice more problems with their operation and functioning. Compared to new roll up commercial garage doors, older doors can have service problems and noise issues that makes using them difficult.

1. Loud Noises

Loud noises are a sign that the parts in your roll up garage door are degraded, rusted, or simply not working as well as they used to. The noises might be coming from the motor, which could be a sign of worn gears or a worn chain. While it’s possible that lubricating the system could help, if the parts need to be replaced, lithium grease is not the solution. Your garage door contractor can tell you for sure what you need.

2. Frequent Repairs Needed

A garage door that breaks more than once every few years is costing more money than it’s worth. Over time, you’ll spend more on repairs than you would on the hardware replacement. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether it’s worth it to keep making small repairs or to finally replace the parts that are not serving you well, but a good garage door contractor can give advice if you need it. Work with a contractor you can trust, who won’t push you to make repairs that are unnecessary.

3. Energy Inefficient

Older garage door openers are not as efficient as new garage door openers, and they can use a lot of energy each time they’re used. If you’re opening and closing your garage door every day, or multiple times per day, you could save money by replacing your opener, and possibly the door. Find out from your contractor whether your system is inefficient.

4. Corrosion and Rust is Visible

If your garage has experienced leaks or is in a high-humidity environment, you may start to see rust and corrosion on the visible parts. This rust may eventually cause your garage door to malfunction at a very inconvenient time. Have your roll up commercial garage door assessed by your contractor to find out whether replacement parts can keep your door opening and closing reliably.

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