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4 Things to Know About Your Garage Door Warranty

When you’re installing something as important as a new garage door, it’s important to get the best deal possible with a good garage door warranty. Knowing how to evaluate the quality of the warranty can help you decide whether the garage door company you’re considering offers a product that you want to purchase.

1. How Many Warranties?

If your garage door installer and manufacturer are the same entity, there should be only one warranty covering both installation and the door itself. One warranty is best because it helps ensure streamlined repair or replacement in the event of a problem.

If the installer and manufacturer are different entities, there may be two warranties: one from the manufacturer, and one from the installer. This situation is less than ideal. In the event that something goes wrong with the garage door, you could be caught between the manufacturer and installer, struggling to determine fault or cause.

If there is no warranty at all, this is a red flag! Don’t hire that garage door installer!

2. Does the Warranty Require You to Perform Maintenance?

Keeping up with required maintenance is a good way to ensure that your new garage door will continue to meet expectations. However, not all homeowners perform garage door maintenance on a regular basis. If the warranty requires you to perform maintenance, this is important to know so you can keep the warranty in good standing.

3. Where Can You Find Additional Copies of the Warranty?

If you should lose the warranty, it’s helpful to know where you can find additional copies. A well-established company may keep the warranty online for convenient access. Find out if this is the case with your installer. If the one copy of the warranty is the copy you’re given, this makes it even more important to keep it safe.

4. How Long Will the Warranty Last?

Knowing how long the garage door warranty will last can help you gauge the installer and manufacturer’s confidence in their own product. It’s also important to know how long the warranty lasts because it’s a timeline. Should something go wrong with your garage door, it’s important to report and claim repairs against the warranty before the warranty period is over.

Garage Door Warranty Tips

Get the most out of your garage door warranty.

  • Keep a copy for your records. Hopefully, you have a filing cabinet drawer with copies of warranties for your other home products. Keep this warranty on file so you’ll have it if you need it.
  • Read the warranty. Know what’s in the warranty before making your purchase.
  • Ask questions. Is there language in the warranty that doesn’t quite make sense? Contact the garage door installer to get your questions answered.

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