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4 Things You Can Do to Maintain an Attractive Commercial Garage

Does your business prioritize curb appeal? It should! Clients feel better about visiting businesses that look good and maintain their facilities. There are many things you can do to maintain an attractive commercial garage door.

By keeping your driveway tidy, organizing and cleaning your garage, keeping a clean garage door, and by maintaining your garage door’s working parts, you can help ensure that your business and commercial garage door will look its best for clients.

1. Maintain a Tidy Driveway

Clean your business driveway on a regular basis. For some businesses, this means packing up items left on the driveway itself – items like equipment, tables, tools, or other materials that are unloaded from the garage during the workday. For other businesses, that means power washing, sweeping, and debris cleanup.

Assign specific employees to this task, to ensure that the work is done. This may need to be done daily, weekly, monthly, or on a semi-annual basis. Whatever the frequency and type of clean-up, make sure it gets done! Maintaining a tidy driveway will give your clients a good impression of your business.

2. Organize and Clean Your Garage

Think about what your customers see when your commercial garage door is open. Is your garage organized and tidy inside? Are you proud of the organization system? Is the garage well-lit, well-maintained, and regularly swept and cleaned?

If the answer to these questions is no, then it’s time to give some thought to the cleanliness and organization of your garage. Make an effort to organize your garage.

Make a timeline for decluttering and organizing. Get your employees involved in the effort. Label bins so employees will know where items go. Once the garage is in good shape, make a cleaning schedule to keep your garage organized in the future. This way, when customers walk by your business, you can be proud of what they see.

3. Clean Your Garage Door Seasonally

Your commercial garage door will get dirty as the seasons change. Cleaning your garage door on a regular basis will help prevent your door from becoming stained.

To clean your commercial garage door, start by spraying the door down with a strong jet of water from a hose. Don’t use a pressure washer! Sponge the door with warm, soapy water. If your garage door is too tall to reach with a sponge, use a long-handled brush or mop to reach the upper corners and edges. Finally, rinse the door. Do this in the early spring, mid-summer, and late fall.

4. Inspect Your Commercial Garage Door Periodically

Broken fixtures reflect badly on your business, so it’s important to keep your commercial garage door in good repair. Inspect your commercial garage door on a regular basis, and get it tuned up once per year.

When you’re inspecting your commercial garage door, listen for unusual noises and grinding sounds when the door opens or closes. Look for loose bolts and screws, listen for squeaking noises, and test the door for smooth action when opening and closing. If your garage door is displaying signs of a problem, call a repair person from Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City.

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