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4 Things You’re Going to Love About the Envy Aluminum Glass Garage Door

If you own a modern home built in a contemporary style, it can be hard to find the right garage door for your property. While traditional garage doors and carriage style doors are popular with today’s homeowners, those who like a garage with a stunning, fully modern appearance have options with Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City. Case in point: our Envy Aluminum Glass Garage Door has everything you need to make your home the centerpiece of the neighborhood.

1. Sleek, Modern Appearance

The Envy glass garage door has a frameless design and smooth, glass panels, mounted on an aluminum structure that remains hidden to passersby. The reflective surface of the door mimics the reflection in your home’s windows, creating a sense of architectural continuity. At the same time, no other type of garage door looks like the Envy, so it becomes a focal point, something to look at, a pleasing surface where you can rest your eyes.

2. Glass and Color Options

We’ve designed the Envy to have options to ensure your door will match your home’s style as well as your personal preferences. When you select your Envy, you’ll be able to pick from these choices:

  • Mirrored Bronze
  • Mirrored Gray
  • Opaque Black
  • Opaque White
  • Translucent Black

Each option has its own character which can dramatically change the appearance of the door. We encourage you to explore your options, look at samples, and ask your Overhead Door Company representative to show you pictures of each material in action, so you can visualize the way the material will look on your home. It’s a big commitment, we know!

3. Unique Appearance, Good for Curb Appeal

Perhaps the most striking quality about the Envy is how different it is from other garage doors. It’s made from a unique material and provides real architectural value for contemporary homes. The glassy surface can be subtle and understated, or a prominent feature in your home’s garage. Either way, the Envy can improve your home’s curb appeal and increase the value of your home.

Are you selling your home sometime soon? Consider the Envy to make a splash that will naturally draw buyers to your property. The beautiful, velvety surface of the glass creates textures and subtle colors that give complexity to the appearance of your home.

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At Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City, we enjoy a reputation for good customer service, good products, and quality installation. To find out more about installing an Envy aluminum glass garage door in your home, call today for an appointment and consultation.

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