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4 Tips to Make Your Garage a Comfortable Workshop

A garage workshop can give you a place to accomplish your messier or louder home improvement tasks, like sawing wood, hammering nails, filling flower pots with dirt, and so on. Garages make good workshops if they’re comfortable, roomy, and have some basic amenities that can boost productivity.

If you’d like to turn your garage into a comfortable workshop, there are many things you can do to make that happen. Get started today and you could have a good workspace in no time!

1. Control the Climate

Garages tend to be hot in summer and cold in winter. You can control the climate in your garage by insulating the walls and doors, and by installing a climate control device in the space.

  • Install an insulated garage door to prevent energy loss through your garage door.
  • Finish the walls with insulation and drywall. Contact a pro to do this.
  • Buy a portable heater and portable air conditioner to use in your garage space after the insulation has been installed.

2. Clean It Out

Eliminate clutter in your garage to give yourself a wide-open space where you can get work done. Cleaning clutter can take time, so start early. Some tips:

  • If you haven’t used it in two years or more, get rid of it.
  • Don’t put anything new to store in the garage while the decluttering process is in progress.
  • Install modular storage in your garage to keep the items left inside more organized.

3. Tune Up the Garage Door Opener

Once your garage is a workshop, you’ll want to be able to open the garage door regularly to let in the natural light and breezes from the outside. Tune up your garage door opener to be sure it’s working.

You may even want to install a new garage door opener that connects to WiFi, so you can open and close the garage door with a push of your button, and get alerts on your phone if you accidentally leave the garage door open at the end of the day.

4. Upgrade Electrical Service

If you’re going to be using your garage to power electrical devices like a saw and a portable air conditioner, then you may need to upgrade your garage’s electrical service. Work with a qualified electrician to get this work done. Don’t upgrade your own electrical service unless you happen to be a trained electrician!

Install a New Garage Door To Upgrade Your Garage Workshop

Are you excited to have your own garage workshop? We’re excited for you – and we can help! Contact Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City to get an insulated garage door installed, or to have your garage door opener serviced.

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