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4 Ways to Improve Garage Curb Appeal in 2021

Your garage curb appeal affects your property’s overall curb appeal, so improving the appearance of your garage is one way to improve your home and its overall value. There are many things you can do to make your garage more beautiful. Cleaning up the outside, upgrading the landscaping, making repairs, and replacing your driveway are all ways that you can make your garage more attractive to buyers if you’re thinking about selling. These tips can help.

1. Clean the Exterior

Clean your garage with a strong jet of water from a hose (but not a pressure washer). After spraying it down, wash down the garage with a soapy sponge, then rinse. Mildew can grow on siding in shady areas behind shrubs. If you see any mildew on your garage, add oxygen bleach to the soapy water. Oxygen bleach kills mold and mildew but is safe for the landscaping. If mold or mildew is a chronic problem on your garage siding, trim back any landscaping in the area to improve airflow and give the siding a chance to dry out.

2. Upgrade Landscaping

Landscaping impacts curb appeal. Upgrade your home’s landscaping to make your garage more attractive to guests, visitors, passersby, and home buyers. Landscaping doesn’t have to be exotic to be impressive, it just needs to be colorful and healthy. Plant attractive annuals in flower beds around your garage. If the shrubs around your garage are overgrown, trim them back to encourage healthy growth.

Water your landscaping throughout the summer and when the weather is dry. Remove dry leaves and weeds periodically. Fertilizing your landscaping can help encourage leafy growth, but avoid over-fertilizing as this may burn plants’ roots, causing injury or death to the plant.

3. Make Repairs

Is your garage door dented, or maybe a pane of glass in the window is cracked? Deferred maintenance can negatively impact the beauty and functionality of your garage. Make small repairs, starting with the most noticeable ones, to make your garage more impressive.

If the garage door needs repair, work with a garage door contractor to make repairs the right way. Working with an unqualified business could do more harm than good, and may even require you to hire another professional to make more repairs down the road.

4. Replace Your Old Driveway

Is your driveway cracked and rugged? Or maybe it’s made from gravel or another low-cost material that takes away from the beauty of your property? Improve your garage’s curb appeal by replacing your garage and installing a brand new driveway made from concrete, or concrete and brick. This is a costly upgrade that can dramatically improve the look of your home and garage.

Replace Your Garage Door to Improve Garage Curb Appeal

An old garage door with peeling paint, crooked panels, and other cosmetic or structural problems can detract from the overall beauty of your garage. Replace your old garage door with a modern steel door, modern aluminum door, or a stylish carriage door sold by a reputable garage door contractor. Overhead Door of Oklahoma City sells quality garage doors that can make all the difference in the look and functionality of your garage. Call today to make an appointment to discuss your garage door replacement.

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