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5 Benefits of Installing Garage Door Screens

Garage door screens… you’ve seen them on other peoples’ homes, but what are they and what are they used for?

Do you know?

There are actually some huge benefits that come from installing garage door screens. But first, let’s talk about the different types of garage door screens on the market.

The Three Most Popular Types of Garage Door Screens

1. Roll Up Garage Door Screens

These are the least expensive of all garage door screens and are mainly meant for people who won’t be using them much. A roll-up garage door screen attaches to your garage door’s header and the door jambs. A zipper or magnet is then used to open/close them.

2. Retractable Garage Door Screens

These screens are built into a housing system that’s attached to your garage door’s header. The screen can then be opened and closed using a remote control. This type of garage door screen is very popular as it completely seals off your garage from bugs because the screen is anchored into the track and bottom rail, not to mention the ease of use due to the remote control function.

3. Sliding Garage Door Screens

Sliding garage door screens, also called track slider screens, are fixed systems that are placed in aluminum frames on sliding tracks. These types of garage screens are controlled manually or by programming them to your existing garage door remote’s additional button. It can also be controlled using a separate remote if you prefer.

Sounds good so far, doesn’t it! Let’s continue by going over the top five benefits that come from installing garage door screens.

The Top Five Benefits That Come from Installing Garage Door Screens

1. Increased Square Footage

Using your garage as additional living space for your home is a great way to add usable square footage to your home. However, more often than not, the garage is not the most comfortable place to hang out. But that can be remedied by installing garage door screens because it will give you the airflow you need to keep it comfortable while keeping the bugs out.

2. Pest Control

Pests can make anywhere unbearable, especially flying insects such as flies, gnats, wasps, and mosquitoes. Installing some garage door screens will keep pests out of your garage and help keep them out of your home as well. This will also make your garage a more pleasant place to work and hang out.

3. Increased Security

Having garage door screens installed will give your home an extra layer of security, especially if you like to leave your garage door open. A garage door screen makes it harder for a thief to enter your garage quickly and without making noise that attracts attention.

4. Energy Efficiency

A garage door screen will eliminate the need for installing an AC unit or having portable fans in your garage. This will also help keep your garage cooler and, in turn, keep your home cooler. All of which will reduce your monthly energy bill.

5. Keeps Your Garage Clean

When you leave your garage door open, dirt, leaves, and other debris always seem to get in. By installing a garage door screen, you can prevent this from happening, which keeps you from having to remove everything from your garage to clean it quite as often.

So…what are you waiting for—why not install a new garage door screen with the Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City™ today?

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