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5 Common Questions for a Garage Door Dealer

Homeowners looking to make a purchase and installation of a garage door often have a thousand and one questions to ask themselves, mostly concerning what type of garage doors to buy, where to buy them, and how to find a professional garage door installer. In addition, they always have many questions to ask their garage door dealers, including:

1.    Metal Garage Doors or Wooden Garage Doors: Which is Better?
This is often the most asked question by homeowners. Both the materials have their benefits and drawbacks. Wooden garage doors are preferred because of their warmth, natural look, and ability to customize them with unique finishes. They are a classy addition to the home’s exterior décor because of their lucrative appeal.
Metal garage doors offer a low maintenance door option that is stronger and more durable than a wooden door. Made from aluminum or steel, metal garage doors come in different styles and colors that can be customized to match your home’s design.

2.    How Durable is a Garage Door?
The lifespan of a garage door largely depends on different factors including its construction material, quality of its workmanship, regular maintenance and care, frequency of use, and the quality of its components. On average, a typical overhead garage door can serve you for 15 to 20 years or more. During repair and maintenance, be keen to use quality garage door replacements for parts such as broken springs, openers, and panels to help extend the door’s lifespan.

3.    Do I go with an insulated or non-insulated garage door?
When making such a significant investment in your garage, it’s good to consider this aspect from the get-go. You do not want to install a non-insulated door and then find out that you need insulation later on.
Choosing an insulated or non-insulated garage door depends on your garage’s use, and whether or not it is attached to your home. If you use your garage for more than just parking your car, then having an insulated garage door is highly advisable. Also, if you have a room adjacent or above the garage, it’s recommended that you go for an insulated garage door to protect the room from extreme temperatures on the outside.

4.    Should I consider windows on my garage door?
Homeowners concerned with the appeal of their garage door often ask this question. Windows are a great addition to a garage door as they offer a good light passage into the garage, and create a more appealing appearance for your garage. If your garage has no other windows, having a garage door with windows would be practical in lighting up the garage space.
However, if you fear that the windows will give you a lack of security and privacy, you are better off without them.

5.    How Much Does a Garage Door Cost?
This is definitely the question a homeowner won’t hesitate to ask. Generally, garage door costs vary largely because of different factors, including location. However, average prices for a quality metal door can range between $800 and $1200. Wooden doors on the other hand, can range between $800 and $4000 depending on the wood quality, design, finishes and size.

It’s good to note that prices vary largely based on your tastes and preferences. For price consultations, competitively priced garage door installations and advice on the best garage door type for your home, contact us today and enjoy professional garage door services Oklahoma that come second to none!

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