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5 Helpful Ways to Winterize Your Garage

Garages tend to be chilly, damp places at this time of year. Everything from salt on your car’s tires to freezing temperatures outside can have an effect on your garage interior. Now that the cold weather has arrived, winterizing your garage can protect your space and everything in it. If you’d like to winterize your garage this season, here’s what we recommend.

1. Install a Garage Winter Floor Mat

Garage floor mats are designed to protect your concrete floor from exposure to de-icing salts, which can be dragged into your garage on the tires and undercarriage of your car. Salt has a corrosive effect on most materials, concrete included. Laying down a garage winter floor mat can help protect your concrete floor from cracks and gouges that can require expensive repairs in the future.

When the winter is over, remove the mat, clean it, then fold it up and put it away. Put the mat back on the garage floor when next winter rolls around.

Before making your purchase, measure the dimensions of your car to choose a mat that fits under your vehicle. You’ll want a mat that is large enough to fit under your car, with a few extra inches of wiggle room on all sides.

2. Weatherstrip

Weatherstrip around your garage door, around all windows, and pedestrian doors. Weatherstripping helps keep out autumn and winter chill and moisture.

If your garage is a workspace or workshop, weatherstripping is especially useful because it can help regulate the temperature inside. Even if you don’t spend time working in your garage, weatherstripping prevents the paint and chemicals stored in your garage from freezing.

3. Pest-Proof

Garages can attract mice, especially in winter when the weather outside is less hospitable. To pest-proof your garage, secure garbage can lids (if you keep garbage cans in your garage). Or better yet, move the garbage cans outside. Seal birdseed in bins that mice can’t chew through.

Get rid of overhanging branches over your garage, to prevent critters from running along the branches and jumping onto your house from outdoors. Look for little spaces – holes in the walls, cracks near door frames, partially open boxes – where mice can hide. Mice make their homes in these spaces, so it’s best to keep these places inaccessible.

4. Clean Garage Gutters

Clean your garage gutters at least once per year, or more often if needed. Cleaning the gutters prevents water from damaging the walls and structure of your garage and can protect your garage door from water damage.

Need Help to Winterize Your Garage? Contact Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City

At Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City, we can install the weatherstripping around your garage door for you. Call us for your annual garage door tune-up and ask about weatherstripping installation today.

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