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5 Reasons Not to DIY New Garage Door Installation

Some people just love DIY projects, but not every home improvement project is safe for homeowners to do on their own. Garage door installation is one of those tasks you should leave to the experts. Here’s why.

1. Garage Doors Are Heavier Than You Think.

Even the lightest garage doors weigh over 100 pounds, and some weigh more than 300. Didn’t realize how heavy they were? That’s because the torsion spring over the center of the door exerts torque that makes the door easy to open and close without straining the muscles in your back. Installing a heavy garage door can lead to injuries if you’re not prepared to lift the sections and install them properly.

2. You Need Special Skills to Get Installation Right.

Installers at Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City are subjected to a rigorous training process. They’re experts in safety, mechanics and garage door functioning. Our contractors train every day on the job in the latest garage door technologies and functionalities. Without that expertise, you could install your garage door incorrectly.

3. If You Damage Your Door, You Could Pay More In Repairs.

Should you drop a part of your garage door, or install the door improperly, you could need garage door repair from a contractor just to get through the installation. You could even do permanent, lasting damage to your door, resulting in a costly replacement of parts.

4. Garage Door Torsion Springs Can Be Dangerous If Improperly Installed.

The torsion spring is under high pressure at all times and must be perfectly calibrated to work properly. If you were to install it incorrectly, you could do damage that could lead to sudden failure of the spring. If the spring snaps, parts could fly around your garage, causing injuries – or worse. It’s not worth it! Get your door installed by an expert.

5. An Improperly Installed Garage Door Can Be a Red Flag to Home Buyers.

Do you want to sell your home soon? An improperly installed garage door can deter homebuyers who don’t want to be strapped with expensive repairs. Get your garage door installed right to protect your home’s value.

Don’t DIY Your New Garage Door Installation. Call Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City.

At Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City, we’re the experts in new garage door installation. Call today to make an appointment for your garage door installation, replacement, or repair.

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