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5 Things You Can Do to Increase Garage Door Security

Garage door security is important for ensuring your safety, the safety of your family, and the things that you hold dear. There are many ways that you can enhance garage security. Each of these suggestions can increase your garage security substantially, to protect your house and the people you love.

1. Install Motion Activated Lights

Motion activated lights help prevent garage break-ins by drawing attention to anyone who comes near your garage. Motion activated lights also illuminate unfamiliar animals that may wander onto your property. Install motion activated lights over parts of the garage that could be a possible entryway for intruders.
Specifically, put motion activated lights on any exterior doors, near your garage door, and near the windows of your garage. Have this done by a qualified electrician to ensure that the changes are made safely.

2. Install a Deadbolt on the Exterior Door

A deadbolt is a very strong lock that can withstand pressure from external sources. Deadbolts are very difficult to open without a proper key. Have a reputable locksmith install a deadbolt on the exterior door leading to your garage. Use the deadbolt at all times to ensure the exterior door is properly secured.

3. Get a Modern Garage Door Opener

If your garage door does not have an automatic garage door opener, your garage door can be opened by nearly anyone at any time. Installing a modern garage door opener ensures that your garage door will not open without a proper clicker. Talk to a garage door technician to find out whether your garage door can be retrofitted with a proper garage door opener, or if you should get an all-new garage door.

Take Your Clicker in at Night

Many people are in the habit of leaving their garage door clicker in their car. Many of these same people also leave their vehicle parked in their driveway at night.

Doing this turns the car into a target for thieves, who can easily break into the vehicle and use the clicker to gain access to the garage. Bring in your clicker at night to prevent this from happening, or park your vehicle (which clicker inside) inside the garage.

Trim Shrubs Around the Garage

Shrubs can hide people lurking on your property with malicious intent. Installing shrubs near your garage door gives intruders a place to hide while they’re waiting to gain access to your garage. Trimming the shrubs around the garage can help make your garage a safer place.

Use a Garage Door with Frosted Glass Windows

Regular glass leaves everything in your garage visible for anyone who looks inside. With a view into your garage, intruders can plan their break-in while they check out the most interesting items in your garage. Frosted glass helps resist the temptation for intruders to break into your garage.

Contact Overhead Door

At Overhead Door, we sell a variety of automatic garage doors with frosted glass windows. If you’re interested in increasing your garage door security this year, now is the time to start investigating the purchase of all the necessary accessories. Contact us to meet with a garage door technician. We’ll be happy to quote you a price for a new automatic garage door opener, or an entirely new garage door.

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