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5 Unique Garage Doors to Consider

Home remodeling gives you a chance to update the appearance of a home, personalize features, and increase home value. Unique garage doors add an interesting look and feel to the home differentiating your house from the others on the block. Here are a few of our favorite unusual garage doors.

1. Spanish-Style Garage Door

If your home has Spanish style architecture, such as Mission, Craftsman, or Mediterranean styles, consider a Spanish-style garage door. Often made of wood, these rounded doors look thick and heavy. Heavy wrought iron details enhance the effect.

2. Contemporary Frosted Acrylic Garage Door

This style features metal frames with frosted acrylic panels, which let in natural light while maintaining privacy. It’s the best of both worlds, as you can enjoy a well-lit garage without feeling like your neighbors can see what you’re working on. Clear acrylic panels are also available for even more light.

3. Carriage Door 

A carriage or barn-style door lends country charm to any garage. These doors are usually made of wood and often include windows. While carriage doors look like they swing open, they can roll up and automate easily. These garage doors work well with historic homes but can blend in with contemporary homes due to the popularity of rustic accents. Carriage-style garage doors often have texture details, which enhance the appeal up close. These doors can be painted or stained to further customize the look.

4. Modern Aluminum Garage Door

Modern aluminum garage doors protect against weather and wind, age well, and are low maintenance. These doors blend well with modern homes due to their clean lines and metal accents.

5. Wood Grain Garage Door 

Wood grain garage doors mimic the look and feel of traditional wood but are made of metal, which is low maintenance and eco-friendly alternative. These doors are so realistic they will fool your neighbors while protecting your garage from the elements.

6. Frameless Garage Door

Sleek, elegant frameless garage doors enhance the appeal of a modern home and give a new look to the traditional garage. In a frameless-style garage door, opaque, translucent, or mirrored glass panels are mounted on a metal frame, which is invisible yet supports the structure. The end result is a stunning glass door that looks sleek and functions well.

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