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Aluminum garage doors buying guide

Aluminum garage doors are a popular choice for their durability, affordability, and appearance. Since most homeowners don’t buy garage doors frequently, we’ve rounded up our best tips for buying aluminum garage doors. Read this before you start shopping for a new garage door.

Measure Your Garage Door 

Before you start browsing garage door styles, measure your existing garage door so you know what you need. Write down measurements for the height, width, and thickness of the door so you can compare the true costs of any aluminum garage doors you find.

Consider the Style of Your Home

You can either work with your home’s style when selecting a garage door or fight it, by choosing a garage door that conflicts with the look and feel of your home.
Most homeowners opt for the former, which is why you see modern garage doors on contemporary homes and traditional garage doors on historic homes. If your home is Victorian, for example, choose an aluminum door with short raised panels, which can be painted to complement the intricate painting on the home. If your home is contemporary, consider aluminum and frosted glass doors, which have a sleek, modern style.

Consider Your Needs

Before you get into the nitty gritty of finances, consider what you really need in a new garage door, as this can affect the total price. Due to their large surface area, garage doors are likelier to get damaged in weather events than front doors.  If weather events, be it high winds or tornadoes, are a concern, look for garage doors that are marketed as “storm ready.” They will be durable enough to withstand weather conditions.

It’s a good idea to pay for an insulated garage door if your garage is attached to the home. Otherwise, the door can be an energy sink, leading to higher utility costs. Insulation also reduces noise, beneficial if there’s an apartment over the garage.

Compare Garage Door Prices 

In terms of typical garage door costs, aluminum garage doors are a midrange option. They cost more than steel doors but less than wooden garage doors. Among aluminum garage doors, you will find a range of styles and prices. Labor, insulation, weather sealing, garage door thresholds, and smart garage door openers all add to the cost of the garage door installation.

When getting quotes for garage doors, make sure you understand what is included. This way, you can accurately compare different quotes to see what you’re getting at every price point. Once you’ve crunched the numbers to see what garage door falls within your budget for the project, you can move ahead with scheduling your garage door replacement.

Now that you know how to compare aluminum garage doors, why not get a quote for replacement? At Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City, we can install your new garage door and keep it in good working order for years to come. To learn more, contact us today.

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