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When Is the Best Time to Weatherstrip Your Garage? An FAQ

It’s never a bad time to weatherstrip your garage. Whether you’re preparing for cold weather in winter or hot weather in summer, weatherstripping can help you control your garage temperature. This FAQ can tell you what you need to know.

How Should You Weatherstrip?

Weatherstripping the pedestrian door and windows in your garage is easy. Simply purchase the weatherstripping from your local home improvement center, then fill the cracks between the door and the frame with a foam weatherstrip.

You can also weatherstrip the garage door, by nailing rubber or plastic weatherstripping around the outside of the garage door frame. If you’re not comfortable installing your own garage door weatherstripping, have this done by a garage door professional when they come out to tune up your garage door opener.

Do You Need To Upgrade Weatherstripping Annually?

Weatherstripping doesn’t need to be changed annually, but it does need to be inspected once per year. When you’re inspecting your weatherstripping, look for cracks, gaps, missing weatherstripping, or areas where the weatherstripping may have been chewed or damaged by pests.

If you find areas where the weatherstripping has been damaged, replace it. If the weatherstripping is in good condition, leave it as is and check it again in one year.

What Are the Benefits of Weatherstripping?

Do you spend time in your garage when you work on your car? Do you store items in your garage like paint, candles, or hazardous materials? If so, then maintaining an even temperature in your garage can be important.

One more benefit of weatherstripping: it seals cracks and can prevent mice and pests from entering your garage.

What Else Can You Do to Control the Temperature In Your Garage?

If you’re very serious about controlling the temperature in your garage and don’t think that weatherstripping is helping you accomplish your goals, talk to your garage door repair person about having your garage door replaced with an insulated Thermacore garage door. Overhead Door Company’s Thermacore models are fully insulated and can help protect your garage from extreme temperatures.

Need Help With Garage Weatherstripping? Need a Garage Door Tune-Up? Contact Us

At Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City, we provide service for your garage door and garage door opener. We can help you replace the weatherstripping. We can also inspect your garage door and perform repairs. To find out more about how we can help you maintain your garage door, call today to make an appointment.

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