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Buying a New Garage Door? Which Garage Door Styles Are Right For You?

Garage doors come in different styles to meet the needs of homeowners. If you’re shopping for a new door, look for a style that matches your home’s style and construction. Each style has its own price point and may be made from different materials, which can change its performance over time. Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular garage door styles for typical homeowners.


Traditional garage doors usually have a row of windows near the top, and square panels below. At Overhead Door of Oklahoma City, our traditional garage doors are made of steel and include baked-on polyester paint for a lovely paint finish. Stylistically, traditional garage doors are a fit for most homes.

Carriage House

Carriage house doors are not that different from traditional garage doors. They typically include a row of windows near the top and faux wood paneling intended to make your garage door look like an old world carriage house door. Carriage house doors look best installed on homes that have a more traditional style. Carriage doors may be made from wood or steel, depending on the line you choose.

Modern Aluminum

Modern aluminum garage doors have a minimalist appearance, with foggy windows, aluminum frames holding the windows in place, and little ornamentation. Modern aluminum garage doors are best installed on a home built in the contemporary style. Modern aluminum garage doors are striking to look at and allow a lot of natural light into the garage, making it a better work space.

Impression Steel Collection

The impression steel collection includes elegant, versatile garage doors with large sections molded like wooden planks, and windows to provide natural light. Each Impression Steel Collection door has a Thermacore center to make it easier to control the temperature in your garage.

Contact Your Garage Door Contractor

Are you going to install a new garage door on your home? If so, then contact a reputable garage door contractor in your area. At Overhead Door of Oklahoma, we can provide you with a quote for service for installation of any one of the above mentioned garage doors. Our contractors are specially trained to ensure your garage door will be properly installed and all of our products are excellent quality. Call today for a consultation and free quote.

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