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Carriage Style Garage Doors Pros and Cons

The carriage style of garage doors tends to have wide appeal, as it can complement new and old homes alike. Versatile, classic, and full of character, these garage doors seem to have it all. However, there are downsides. Before you purchase a carriage style garage door, explore the pros and cons to see if it’s really right for your home.

Pros of Carriage Style Garage Doors 

Appearance is one of the top advantages of these garage doors. Since garage doors can be front and center on the home’s facade, many homeowners want something that enhances the home’s style and value. Carriage style garage doors make good on both promises due to their strong lines, classic appearance, and quality construction.

Since these garage doors swing out, they do not have a track. This is a benefit for some homeowners, who do not like the way an overhead track looks. If you have high ceilings, a garage door that relies on a track can be impractical. Likewise, if you store a lot of tall items in the garage, a track can make it difficult to put items away. By nixing the track, you can reclaim space within the garage.

In the carriage style, small windows allow light to pass into the garage, yet the majority of the door is solid. This is beneficial as it provides some natural light inside the garage while protecting privacy. If you are a private person or have security concerns, you will appreciate carriage style garage doors for this reason.

Cons of Carriage Style Garage Doors

Since true carriage style garage doors do not roll up on a track, they swing out. This is a problem in urban areas where lot sizes tend to be small. Homeowners may not have enough clearance on the side of the driveway to swing the door out and open. Installing a carriage style garage door in this instance would be impractical, as the homeowner would not be able to operate the door efficiently.

For individuals who have mobility issues, or who live in cold climates, a garage door that can be fully automated is a preferable choice. While some carriage style garage doors operate manually like the old-fashioned style, there are carriage style doors that roll up while maintaining the old look and feel. If automation is a feature that’s important to you, you will still find it with this style of garage door – but you must shop carefully.

These doors can be elaborate, which increases their expense. Thus, for some homeowners, this garage door style may be out of their budget.

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