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Choose the Right Garage Door Windows for You

Windows can make your garage door more attractive and functional. Garage door windows let in natural light, which in turn can make your garage a safer and more pleasant environment. Windows are also beautiful – from the inside and outside. Window size and type vary from one garage door to the next, so one of the questions to ask yourself when buying new garage doors is: which windows do I want for my garage?

Big or Small?

Big garage door windows let light, which is important for preventing accidents and finding things that might be lost. Smaller windows are harder to hit with baseballs and more difficult to see into, and that can make them a little more secure. If you’re worried about garage security but want a light-filled garage at the same time, there are options that can help you achieve both.

Frosted, Tinted, or Clear?

Frosted windows make it impossible to see what’s going on in your garage, so if you’re worried about garage security, frosted windows allow light to enter without compromising your security.

Tinted windows can achieve the same effect while also preventing some light from entering the garage. Tinted windows can help control the temperature of your garage, especially if your garage faces south or west and is exposed to sunlight at the hottest times of the day. Some homeowners also prefer tinted windows for aesthetic reasons, because they make the windows stand out more or less against the garage door itself.

Clear windows are your best bet if you want the maximum amount of sunlight during the day. If you’re worried about temperature control but would like clear windows, you have options.


Insulated windows prevent the sun from warming your garage without requiring a window tint. Insulated windows pair nicely with an insulated garage door like Overhead Door Company’s Thermacore models, which help keep your garage energy-efficient and comfortable even when temperatures outside are hot or cold.


Do you have kids? Kids, who like to play sports maybe? Is your driveway frequently the site of games and neighborhood tournaments? If so, shatter-resistant glass can help prevent accidents and costly repairs. Ask your garage door contractor about installing shatter-resistant glass. On a side note, shatter-resistant glass can also be more secure than standard glass, if you’re worried about the possibility of intruders.

Want a Garage Door With Windows? Call Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City

Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City sells a variety of garage doors with windows in different sizes and configurations. Ask us about tinted glass, shatter-resistant glass, and more. Call today to make an appointment to discuss your upcoming garage door upgrade.

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