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Commercial Garage Door Service: A Guide for Property Owners

Commercial garage doors get used a lot. They’re opened and closed regularly in the normal course of business – and they need to function well every time they’re used! This means they need regular service in order to maintain their usefulness. If your garage doors are visible to the public, they should also be maintained for their aesthetic beauty.

As a business owner, it’s important to know how to maintain your commercial garage door and how to recognize the signs that your door needs repair. This short guide can help.

When to Get a Tune-Up

Tune-ups should happen annually – and perhaps twice annually if your garage doors are opened and closed multiple times throughout the day. A broken garage door can mean lost business, but regular tune-ups can prevent that from happening.

Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Commercial garage door problems can be frustrating – but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you recognize the signs of a problem early, you can get repair before your doors are fully broken.

  • Strange noises. Loud clanking, grinding, and squeaking noises can be an indication of something going wrong with the machinery in your door. Noises can also be a sign that your door’s parts need to be lubricated. Your repair professional can help you identify the problem.
  • The door won’t open or close. This could be a sign of something going wrong with the torsion spring or the photoelectric eye.
  • The panel is damaged. Damage to the panel can be cosmetic, or it may go deeper. Depending on what’s wrong, damage to the panel can lead your garage door to become misaligned, and that could prevent you from using your door.

Common Things That Go Wrong

In an ideal world, your commercial garage door would never experience technical problems. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world! Below are some things that can cause problems over time:

  • Lack of regular service.
  • Parts wear out and are not replaced in time.
  • Standard wear and tear.

All of these problems can be prevented just by getting your commercial garage door serviced by a pro on a regular basis. Many reputable garage door companies have a regular service plan for their commercial customers. Explore your options and sign up for a service plan that will work for your door.

Contact Overhead Door Company for Commercial Garage Door Service

At Overhead Door of Oklahoma City, we help business owners to maintain their doors through regular tune-ups and repairs. If your business is in need of new commercial garage doors, we offer quality replacements that last a long time and are protected by a solid warranty. To make an appointment for your commercial garage door service or garage door replacement, call us today.

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