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Commercial Garage Doors: Not Just for Oversized Vehicles

Garage doors today don’t necessarily lead only to enclosed parking spaces. The versatility and performance of garage-style doors holds immense potential for modern commercial use. The variety of innovative uses for the new breed of large-opening doors may change the way you think about your business needs.

Commercial-style doors aren’t only in an industrial district; you will see them in multiple settings, from food courts in upscale malls to modern schools, medical service buildings and mini-warehouse lots. The good looks, adaptability and versatility of commercial garage doors are suitable for distinctive uses that extend beyond large-equipment storage and functional uses that they were originally designed to serve.

If you visualize the doors that grace fire stations and automobile dealerships, park facilities and trucking company loading docks, sports arenas and high-security zones, you have an idea of the range of sizes and configurations available. Commercial rolling doors have entered a new age. Many are still purely functional, but newer commercial doors also include high-style aluminum and glass doors that are ideal for opening a beach restaurant to the sound of the surf and the sea air, and are used, in similar form and function, for recreational facilities of all types, from vendor spaces at ball fields to community pools and fitness centers.

Convention centers and luxury resorts rely on rolling garage-type doors to secure specific public areas, to provide security for display counters after hours, to provide interior access for stage sets or large equipment, and for many other uses. Shopping centers and restaurants employ both solid garage-type doors and open rolling or sliding grilles.

The almost infinite variety of modern commercial doors ensures that whatever your needs might be, chances are good that the professional designers at Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City™ will be able to suggest a door style to meet your specifications. Available materials run the gamut from high-style wood to steel, from functional stainless to colorful painted finishes, and from heavy-duty rubber curtains to sleek, lightweight aluminum stile and panel choices with a variety of glazing options.

If you can envision a unique commercial door, the Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City™ will work to make it a reality. Exterior rolling service doors are rated for wind load and safe operation. With virtually limitless functional and decorative combinations to satisfy the most discerning commercial and residential clients, distinctive doors can be fabricated to meet the demands of your specifications; door openings up to 1500 square feet can be accommodated with a single door, and we provide the industry’s widest array of colors, materials and slat profiles.

For additional information about our commercial style garage doors, just contact the Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City™ to schedule an appointment.

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