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Design Highlight: Contemporary Garage Doors

Having an attractive home with welcoming curb appeal is important to most homeowners. Contemporary homes today embrace and incorporate a variety of updated classic architectural styles, such as Mid-Century Modern, Ranch and Mission. However, many homeowners overlook the importance of having a contemporary garage design that enhances their home’s design style. Considering that your garage door can take up to one-third of your home’s façade, it’s a design element that can really add impact.

Well-chosen modern garage doors can complement a home’s look, while a poorly chosen contemporary garage design can fight with a home’s aesthetic and be an outright eyesore. While it’s clearly time to replace your garage door when it’s old and rickety, newer garage door features make any time a good time to upgrade your outdated doors with a contemporary garage design.

Contemporary Style Garage Doors

Just as there are many different architectural home styles, there is a wide variety of garage doors available to enhance your home. Many modern style garage plans don’t just focus on the exterior—they offer a modern garage interior as well. Some of the trending garage door styles that are popular now are designed to work well with traditional home styles such as European-style architecture like Tudor, Mediterranean, Spanish and French Country, as well as the more recognizable American styles like Craftsman, Victorian, Colonial and Cape Cod. Because garage doors can be custom-ordered in a variety of styles, colors and materials, and offer features such as advanced safety mechanisms and advanced security, contemporary garage door prices can vary.

Types of Contemporary Garage Doors

While the actual style of your new garage door may be Ranch or Cape Cod, there are many options regarding the type of compatible modern garage doors available. Depending on the color and material, even though you might have a modern Colonial home, you’ll still find a wide variety of garage doors that can match your design style. Here are a few of the more popular types:

  • Carriage-style garage doors can match a variety of house styles. While they typically mimic the look of old carriage house doors, they can play well with many contemporary home styles. Modern carriage doors use automatic openers to fold open, yet still offer the charm of traditional carriage doors that swung open from the center manually.
  • Raised-Panel doors are the style most people associate with garage doors, as they’re the most standard and common style. The original raised-panel doors had a railed frame with floating panels, but newer modern styles use fiberglass and other materials to replicate the classic raised-panel door design.
  • Slab doors were the standard for Retro-Modern home styles, and not surprisingly, they’ve become a popular design feature in contemporary homes. Instead of having three or four horizontal panels which slide overhead, slab garage doors are a single panel that swings up. Slab doors, like carriage doors, require a special type of automatic door opener.

Contemporary garage doors come in a variety of styles.  Popular styles are slab doors, painted aluminum frames, and doors with tinted, frosted or clear tempered glass panels. For home styles such as Mid-Century Modern that require a garage door that delivers the same clean, sleek lines and understated simplicity that won’t detract from the home’s minimalist design aesthetic, contemporary garage door styles are a natural fit. To learn more about the products and services we provide in the Oklahoma City area, contact us here, or at 405-685-2200 or 405-685-2234 for emergency service.

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