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Do I Need to Reinforce My Garage Door?

Do you live in an area that regularly experiences inclement weather such as; high winds, hurricanes or tornadoes?

If so, then you should seriously consider having your garage door reinforced. If inclement weather were ever to rip the garage door off your home, the pressure could become so great inside of the garage that it could cause the roof to be blown off. Florida residents learned this the hard way after Hurricane Andrew blasted through the state in 1992. Because of the damage the hurricane caused, building codes in coastal cities were changed to require enhanced garage door reinforcement. But the likes of garage door reinforcement struts, bars and brackets aren’t mandatory in other areas of the country, so homeowners often need to take measures into their own hands.

Do I Need to Reinforce My Garage Door?

How do you know whether or not you need to reinforce your garage door? Unless you just want to do it for precautionary reasons, here’s a look at some of the factors that you should be considering before making the decision:

  • Do you live in areas susceptible to severe weather and high winds? Like we noted above, if the winds are high enough, they could potentially take the garage door right off your home and cause further damage to the property. It’s why areas that are frequently hit by tornadoes, hurricanes and high winds should always consider garage door reinforcement bar supports and other support structures. They’re specifically designed to support the door during periods of high wind.
  • Does your garage door move around when it’s in the open position? In addition to supporting the door in periods of severe weather, garage door bracket reinforcement and other support modifications help to keep it steady when it’s in the open position. Garage doors have the potential to be very dangerous, and should they fall down unexpectedly, they could cause serious injury or even death. Reinforcement struts and other supportive components can help make your garage door much safer.

If you feel like your garage door needs to be reinforced after reading this, be sure to contact Overhead Door of Oklahoma City today. We’re experienced in all aspects of garage door service, including reinforcement. We are able to quickly and effectively strengthen your garage door so that it’s safer and more resistant to severe weather. Contact us today for more information on garage door reinforcement with brackets, struts and bars.

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