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Do You Need Garage Door Insulation? What You Need to Know

Garages are often places of extreme cold or extreme heat, depending on the time of year. They can also be noisy when you live on a busy street. Garage door insulation helps homeowners control the environment in their garage. Not all garage doors are insulated. Homeowners seeking a way to make their garage a little more comfortable can either install insulation on their existing garage door, or they can install a new garage door with insulation in the core. If you’re a homeowner, here’s what you need to know.

Signs Your Garage Door Needs Insulation

Your garage door needs insulation if:

  • Gallons of paint you store in the garage sometimes freeze over the winter.
  • You want to install a work space, like a wood shop, in your garage.
  • You already have a wood shop in the garage, but you’re uncomfortable working in the garage in the winter or summer.
  • Your garage is noisy and that makes it difficult to do what you need to do in your garage.
  • You have a garage band, but your neighbors complain about the noise.

Can You Install Garage Door Insulation on an Existing Door?

Yes, it’s possible to install garage door insulation on an existing door. Generally, this insulation is available for sale at home improvement stores and often through garage door supply companies. The easiest way to install insulation is to either hire a garage door contractor to do the work for you, or to purchase a garage door insulation kit. Kits come with easy to follow instructions, so if you’ve never insulated a garage before, using a kit makes it easy to do.

Do Garage Doors Come Pre-Insulated?

Yes, garage doors come pre-insulated, but not all models have the same R-value. If comfort in your garage is an area of real concern, talk to your garage door contractor to ensure the model you purchase will meet your insulation needs. Your garage door contractor can also make other suggestions to ensure that your garage is properly insulated.

Contact Your Garage Door Contractor Today

Insulated garages are better! Talk to a reputable garage door contractor today to find out more about how you can get an insulated garage door installed on your home. Contact Overhead Door of Oklahoma City to make an appointment for a consultation.

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