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Does Insulation Matter in Your Commercial Garage Door?

There are many things you should consider when trying to choose a commercial garage door. Appearance, functionality, and price all play a role in the type of commercial garage door you choose for your business. But what about insulation? The more insulated a garage door is, the easier it is to control the temperature of your commercial garage.

For some business owners, insulation is an important factor. For other business owners, insulation doesn’t matter as much. In this article, we’ll walk you through the considerations that matter most when trying to decide whether you need a well-insulated garage door.

How Insulation Affects Your Workplace Garage

There are many ways that insulation affects your workplace garage.

  • Temperature control. A well-insulated garage door helps control the temperature inside your garage. Without a well-insulated door, your garage may reach high temperatures in summer and cold temperatures in winter.
  • Quality. Insulation often ties together with quality. A high-quality garage door with all the features, including insulation, is more likely to perform for a long time, serving its purpose completely for its service life.
  • Comfort. Since an insulted garage door affects the temperature of your garage, it also affects how comfortable your garage is for your employees.
  • Productivity. Comfortable employees are productive employees! In this way, proper insulation helps keep your employees busy and on task.
  • Energy efficiency. If your garage doors are not properly insulated, then you may be forced to run temperature control for longer and harder, which could affect your utility bills.

So Is Insulation Important To You?

When you’re trying to decide whether an insulated commercial garage door is important for your business, ask yourself questions such as:

  • Do my employees work full-time in the garage?
  • How warm or cold will my garage become without an insulated garage door?
  • Do I keep temperature-sensitive chemicals or equipment in my garage?

Answering some of these questions, the choice you should make may become clear.

How to Choose the Best Insulated Commercial Garage Door

Choosing the best insulated commercial garage door for your business starts with vetting garage door installers and getting bids. Set up meetings with installers. Meet at your business (never work with an installer who would give a quote sight-unseen) and plan to discuss your priorities during the meeting. If insulation matters to you, be upfront. Tell your installer why. This will help narrow the choices, so your installer will know which doors are most likely to meet your needs.

Ready to Install a New Commercial Garage Door? Contact Us

If you’re ready to get quotes for new garage doors, contact Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City to get started with your bid for garage door installation. We sell a variety of commercial garage doors, including insulated sectional steel-back doors that can help keep your workplace energy efficient and comfortable year in and year out.

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