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Enhance Your Home with New Garage Door Design Ideas (1)

Enhance Your Home with New Garage Door Design Ideas

Garage doors should offer more than just a secure place to shield your car from the weather. Today, a garage door can be every bit as stylish as your entry door, and it should enhance the architectural style of your home.

If your garage faces the street, take some time to pick the style and features that will assure that large expanse is attractive and appropriate for your home. It will pay dividends, both aesthetically and financially.

Design Considerations

Today’s most common garage doors are constructed with individual panels that allow the door to slide quickly and easily upward, providing barrier-free access to the garage. But, that may be where the similarities end. When closed, the garage door takes on a unique personality, and Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City offers a wealth of opportunity for personal expression.

Although you’ll most likely choose a garage door to complement your home’s architectural style, there are a few rules to follow and plenty of room for individual choice. Choose flat or raised panels, sleek contemporary design, carriage house appeal, simulated wood grain or real wood doors. Add metal hardware and trim or keep the look clean and simple with no visible hardware. Add a row or two of windows for character or pick an arch-top door.

Paint or Stain

Most of our door styles are available in a choice of standard colors, but they can all be painted to suit individual preferences. Many homeowners match garage doors to either the entry door or exterior building trim, but there is no reason a garage door shouldn’t be painted a contrasting tone if it’s compatible with the architecture.

While all garage doors may be custom painted, wood clad doors offer additional options for customizing with stain. Consider prevailing weather conditions and orientation in order to assure durability and lasting good looks.

Construction Options

Manufactured doors can be made of steel, fiberglass, wood, or lightweight aluminum, in varied widths and heights. If you have a golf cart or a recreational vehicle, Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City has sizes to meet your needs. Modern, insulated garage doors are not only attractive, but energy-efficient and our doors meet all existing safety and code requirements.

Designed for value and durability, no matter what the price point, Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City is a company that has built its reputation on service and reliability. Customize your garage doors with flat or raised panels, styles that vary from rustic to modern, and add windows, hardware or arches as you desire.

Customizing a single garage door or multiple doors is an exercise in personal expression; with a multitude of options, your garage door will have a unique personality and be a “perfect fit” for your style and your budget. When you need a new or replacement door, contact Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City.

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