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Fixing Up Your Garage Door on a Budget? 4 Tips

Your garage door can impact your home’s curb appeal quite a bit, so if your door is in need of some TLC, you can improve the beauty of your property with just a few hours of work. A fresh coat of paint, some small repairs, and a proper inspection is all it takes to get a fairly well-maintained garage door back in good condition.

1. Wash the Garage Door

Spray your garage door with water, then wash the door with warm water mixed with a mild dish detergent. Use a sponge to gently wipe the door, then spray the door with a strong jet of water from a hose one more time. If the garage door is stained with mold or mildew, use oxygen bleach to remove the stain. Oxygen bleach is better than chlorine bleach for these purposes because it’s safer for plants.

2. Rehab the Door with Paint

Apply a fresh coat of paint to your door if the old one is looking faded, chipped, or damaged. Repainting your garage door every five or so years is a good way that you can keep your home looking its best. When you’re choosing a paint color for your garage door, don’t feel like you have to choose the same color you selected previously. Choosing the right color is one way to give your house a fresh new look. When choosing a color, consider the following:

  • Neutral colors tend to appeal to home buyers if you’re hoping to sell your home soon.
  • You can minimize the visual impact of your garage by painting your door the same color as your house.
  • Bright, bold colors will draw attention to your door, which may be a positive thing if you’re trying to draw attention away from other things.

3. Inspect and Test Your Garage Door

Inspect your garage and test your garage door’s systems. Open and close the garage door. Listen for squeaking and clanking noises. Lay a 2×4 piece of wood in the path of the garage door, then close the door on the wood. When it touches the wood, it should reverse course. Close the door and wave a broom handle in the path of the closing door. The door should reverse course.

4. Make Small Repairs

If the door does not reverse course when an obstacle gets in the door’s way as described above, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away any dirt and grime from the door’s photoelectric eyes, located near the base of the open door, on either side. If the door was squeaky, lubricate the joints, bolts, and moving parts with a silicone-based lubricant.

If you’re not able to fix your garage door with these little efforts, contact a reputable garage door repair person for assistance.

Fixing Your Garage Door on a Budget? Work with a Pro

If your garage door is genuinely broken, then you’ll need help from a professional to get the door repaired. Talk to your repair professional to let them know you need to fix your garage door on a budget, to ensure the work performed stays within your price range. Contact Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City to make an appointment to fix your garage door on a budget.

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