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Garage Door Design Highlight: Decorative Garage Door Hardware

For the last several years, carriage hinges have become a popular trend on garage doors all over the country. This decorative hardware, often sold by garage door companies, can transform your garage door from the ordinary into the extraordinary. For homeowners that like the traditional look of wrought iron, this hardware can make a big difference in your garage door’s aesthetic appeal.

What Are Carriage Hinges?

Carriage hinges will bear the shape of a fleur-de-lis on the end and are usually large, black or gray, and made from metal. Often times, garage door hinge kits also include handles to be attached in the center of the door. Carriage hinges come in a variety of finishes including brushed metal and wrought iron. This adds to the old-world quality that makes these hinges so appealing.

Carriage hinges were originally found on old carriage house doors and were oversized to accommodate the weight of the doors. They have a medieval appearance, making them very similar to the sort of hinges found on old castle and church doors.

Installing Decorative Hardware

Installing decorative hardware can be challenging or simple, depending on the type of hardware being installed. Some brands of hardware are magnetic and can be affixed to metal without drilling into the door. Other hinges must be affixed to the door via screws.

Homeowners with wooden doors must use hardware with screws, while homeowners with metal doors have the option of magnetic or screw-in hinges. Hinges that are affixed with screws, while they do make a hole in the door, are more secure than magnetic hinges. Homeowners who own metal doors must decide for themselves which type of hinge is right for them.

To install decorative hardware, clean the area where the hinges are to be installed. Measure the sides of the door and mark the space where each hinge will be installed. Measuring the height of each hinge can help, as can stepping back to look at the hinges across from one another. It is imperative to ensure that hinges are installed directly across from one another, as hinges that are uneven can detract from the beauty of the door.

Homeowners who are concerned about drilling into their door can hire a garage door repair person to install their hinges at their next tune-up. A reputable garage door repair person can install decorative hinges without doing unnecessary damage to the door.

Contact a Reputable Garage Door Repair Person 

Are you looking for decorative accessories for your garage door? Need help installing your accessories or deciding whether or not accessories are right for your garage door? Contact the Overhead Door Company. We have all of the accessories you need and would be happy to discuss your garage door with you. Give us a call today to find out more about decorative garage door hardware and installation.

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