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Garage Door Highlight: Aluminum Doors

Keeping a home safe is among a home owner’s highest priorities, and that means having strong and functional doors throughout your home, including the garage. This is true whether you are building your home or are just remodeling your garage. But there are other concerns too, such as keeping the home looking attractive, and looking at garage door prices and installation that are affordable. Because of this, choosing the right garage door is something that takes careful consideration of all the options available.

Common Types of Garage Door Materials

There are several different materials that makeup garage doors:

  • Wood or wood composite are attractive but are often high priced, and although they are sturdy overall, they will most likely need frequent refinishing.
  • Fiberglass doors can look like other materials, such as wood, however, they are temperature sensitive, and prone to yellowing and breakage, especially when it gets cold.
  • Vinyl doors offer more limited design options but tend to be more durable than fiberglass.
  • Steel doors are made from galvanized steel and are prone to rust and dents. In many cases, steel doors also use fiberglass in order to help with these issues.
  • Aluminum is similar to steel but is lighter in weight. Denting can be an issue, but some designs incorporate laminated panels in order to combat this issue. Also, unlike steel, they are not vulnerable to rusting and are normally less expensive than steel.

Options in Aluminum garage doors. Because of their lightweight and manageability, aluminum garage doors are among the most popular among homeowners, At Overhead Door, we have different models available in our modern aluminum garage doors that will fit different size garages and meet environmental needs. Examples include:

  • Model 511 has an aluminum garage door with a standard narrow width frame and customizable door sizes to 16′.
  • Model 521 with a wider and sturdier frame with door sizes up to 20 feet wide. Both the 511 and 521 feature aluminum garage door panels, paired with light filtering glass that gives a sleek look that fits with a variety of home styles and designs.
  • Envy™ Model 956 has an aluminum full-view door, with glass panels that are mounted on aluminum frame, that still has a modern frameless look.

Making the Right Choice for Your Home

Whether you ultimately choose modern aluminum garage doors, aluminum garage door panels, or a door made from other materials such as wood, vinyl or steel—we can help you make sure that you still get everything in your garage door that is most important to you without costing you a fortune. At Overhead Door, we can help you keep within your budget as well as meet your long-term needs in a garage door to find just the right fit for your home.

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