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Garage Door Opener Security Tips

Garage door security is critical for your safety and the safety of your family. Knowing how to keep your garage door secure can help you take care of your home, your possessions and members of your household.

Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Opener In the Car

Your home’s automatic garage door opener is really convenient until it falls into the hands of a potential intruder. Leaving your garage door opener in your car can open your home up to security risk. An intruder who sees your garage door opener could be tempted to break into your car to gain access to the garage door opener. The best way to prevent this from happening is to bring your garage door opener with you when you enter your home.

If you cannot put your garage door opener in your home, hide the opener in your car. Put the opener in your glove compartment or in a compartment near the seat. This can help prevent potential burglars from impulsively breaking into your car.

Alarm Your Door

A security alarm is an excellent tool for deterring burglars. Most homeowners get their alarms through a home security company. A good security company will offer home monitoring as well as an alarm so that if the alarm goes off while you’re away from home, your security company will send help to your home.

Use Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights can deter burglars and intruders away from your garage door. Work with an electrician to get an alarm system installed on your garage over the door that will trigger lights when someone is in a certain range.

Frost the Windows

Some of the most attractive garage doors have carriage-style windows that provide a view into the garage. Unfortunately, this view into your garage can tempt intruders. To prevent problems, buy a spray-on product that frosts windows to obscure the view into your garage.

Close Your Door With a Timer

Many homeowners worry about driving away from their garage and accidentally leaving the door open. This can be prevented by putting the door on a timer. This way, if the garage is left open, the timer will be sure to close the door behind you.

Add a Lock

Locking the garage door from the inside is an excellent way to stop burglars from trying to break into the home. With a lock in place, the door can only be opened from the inside. While this isn’t ideal for people who use their garage door every day, it’s a good option for people who use their garage door occasionally. If you do use your garage door on a regular basis, this is also a smart way to secure the door when you leave on vacation.

Contact Overhead Door for More Information

Want to know more about garage door opener security? Contact the Overhead Door Company! We’re happy to answer your questions and discuss options available to you. With proper diligence and by purchasing the right products, you can keep your garage door more secure.

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