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Garage Door Repair: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Fixing something yourself might sound like a great way to save money, but there are some jobs that are definitely better left to the pros. When it comes to garage door repair, there are some jobs you might decide to tackle on your own, but there are also times when calling in a professional can wind up saving you a lot of frustration and hundreds, or even thousands, dollars. Here’s when to DIY and when to call in professional help.

When to DIY

If your garage door suddenly develops a rattling noise, you might have some loose bolts or screws. Temperature changes and just plain wear and tear can loosen connections over time, and a little elbow grease may be all it takes to tighten up these areas and solve your mysterious noise problem.

Speaking of noises, if you’re hearing a squeaking noise when you raise or lower your door, it might be that your mechanism needs some lubrication. Not only can lubrication help fix a squeaky or “sticky” door, but it can help prevent future problems, too. Most garage doors benefit from regular lubrication, and some doors operate best when they get a little oil every few months. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for recommendations, and make sure the lubricant you’re using is made specifically for garage door use.

Replacing a worn or damaged garage door seal is another relatively simple DIY project for most types of garage doors. A damaged seal lets rain in, and if your garage is heated, it can increase your utility bills, too. Plus, even a tiny crevice is all it takes to let bugs and other critters set up home in your garage or even your vehicles. Be sure to select a seal material that’s designed to work with your door material and style (or get a pro to handle this one).

Finally, if your door isn’t opening or closing properly, check the batteries in your remote and clean the sensor “eyes” located near the bottom of your garage door. Even a little dirt and grime can block the lens and prevent the door from operating the way it’s supposed to.

When to Call in the Pros

Suppose you’ve tried these tips, and you’ve still got a problem. Then it’s time to call in the pros. Why? Because garage door systems are more complicated than they appear, and repairing them takes special tools and skills to avoid further damage. Plus, garage doors are heavy and awkward to manipulate without the right know-how. Generally, any problem involving the motor, springs, cables, rollers, tracks or other structural component is a job best left to the techs who know their business. Save yourself the hassle. At Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City, one call is all it takes to avoid further damage and get your door working properly again. Contact us today!

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