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Garage Door Storage Ideas for Homeowners

First and foremost, the garage is a place of storage. While some store their cars in the garage, many use the garage to hold other items, like seasonal decorations and lawn care tools. Garage storage can easily become messy and disorganized, but there are ways to prevent this. These tips help homeowners like you use their garage as effective storage.

Use Plastic Bins, Not Cardboard Boxes

Mice are attracted to garages because they’re relatively safe spaces where people rarely spend time. When the garage is full of cardboard boxes, mice enjoy chewing those boxes to use the cardboard for their nesting material.

You can prevent this from happening by using plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. This keeps mice out of your things while giving them fewer resources for making your garage their home.

Suspend the Bike from the Ceiling

Bicycles take up a lot of floor space. They’re easy to knock over, awkward to move, and can scratch your car if you drive up against them. Suspending your bicycles from the ceiling protects the bikes and your vehicle, and makes the floor space in your garage more useful.

There are different types of pulley and hook systems for this purpose. Do your research before making your purchase. If you plan to use your garage door, keep the bikes away from the door and its tracks.

Suspend a Rack from the Ceiling

Bicycles aren’t the only things you can hang from the ceiling. Suspend a rack from there and you can use that space to store your boxes and seasonal decorations. The rack will need to be bolted to something like wooden joists above.

Follow manufacturer instructions carefully, and check the weight limit before you buy a product. Like the bicycle suspension system, you’ll have to take care that the storage rack doesn’t interfere with the operation of the garage door.

Install Shelves and Cabinets

After taking over the ceiling space, install floating shelves and cabinets to give yourself more storage space located off the ground. Screw them into the studs of the garage to ensure they can bear the weight of whatever you plan to store up there.

Install a Peg Board

In some cases, a peg board is a more practical solution than wall-to-wall shelves and cabinets. Buy a variety of hooks to hold a variety of objects. Screw your peg board into the studs, just like the shelves and cabinets.

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