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Garage Doors and Power Outages: An FAQ

It’s wonderful to be able to come inside during a thunderstorm, and of course, it’s equally wonderful to drive your car into a garage at the push of a button. But what happens when a storm causes the power to go out? Is it possible to get your car out of or into the garage when the automatic garage door opener isn’t working?

This is a question that naturally concerns many homeowners. If you’re new to automatic garage door openers, here’s what you need to know to ensure that you can get your car out of the garage even when there’s no power.

Is your car stuck in the garage during a power outage?

No, your garage door has a lever that enables you to disengage the door from the opener. With the lever pulled, you should be able to open your garage door manually.

What’s the procedure for getting your car out of the garage during a power outage?

If possible, start with your garage door in the closed position. Releasing the garage door while it is in the open position could potentially cause the garage door to close suddenly and quickly. Look for the red release cord that connects your garage door to the trolley. Usually, the cord is found in the center of the automatic garage door opener system, hanging from the trolley. Pull on the cord to release the garage door from the opener.

Once you’ve pulled on the release cord, you should be able to open the garage door on your own. Your garage door may be heavy, but it’s attached to a spring that lightens the load and enables you to lift the door without being super-human. If you must pull the release cord while the garage door is in an open or half-open position, clear the garage door opening to ensure that if it does close quickly, no one will be hurt.

What should you do if your garage is getting power, but the garage door opener won’t work anyway?

If your garage door opener stops working, the release cord should enable you to open and close the door just as it would in a power outage. Contact a garage door repair professional to fix your door.

A dysfunctional garage door after a power outage is a common problem. For more information about how to maintain and use your garage door opener, contact Overhead Door. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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