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Garage Doors That Add Natural Light

For many homeowners, the garage is one of the most underutilized spaces in the home. Perhaps a car is stored in there, or perhaps it’s where seasonal items like holiday decorations or sporting equipment end up. One reason why the garage is so underused: it’s dimly lit and often uninviting. Installing an Oklahoma City garage door that lets in natural light is the perfect antidote to this problem, and we’ve rounded up our favorite styles to share with you.

Carriage House Garage Door

Carriage house garage doors are the perfect complement to carriage houses and other historic homes. Crafted from insulated steel and finished with a wood grain texture, these doors look and feel historic but offer modern protection for your Oklahoma City home. The top third of the garage door is windows that let in the natural light. Choose from plain or arched windows and a painted or stained finish to complement the rest of your home’s facade.

Impression Steel Garage Door

Our Impression Steel Garage Door offers polyurethane insulation of R-12. Available in neutral hues with plain or arched windows, the door is low maintenance and designed to complement a broad range of home styles. The large windows at the top of the Impression Steel Garage Door are some of the biggest on the market, so if you are really looking to increase the amount of light that filters through your Oklahoma City garage door, this should be a top pick.

Wind Load Garage Doors

Wind Load Garage Doors deliver peace of mind and meet even the strictest of building codes. Featuring two layers of steel and polyurethane insulation, these doors protect against weather extremes and harsh winds. While their windows are smaller than the ones mentioned in previous garage door styles, this door is still a top pick due to the rigorous specifications. The insulation’s R-value is 12.12, and you can choose between non-impact windows and impact windows, which actually resist breaking from high winds.

Modern Aluminum Garage Doors

For the highest amount of natural light, we encourage you to look at Modern Aluminum Garage Doors. As the name suggests, these are done in a modern style and intended to complement a contemporary house. You can customize the look and feel of the door by choosing from 200 colors of powder coat.  What sets this door apart is that the entirety of the door, aside from the framing, is windows. With seven glass options to choose from, you can select the amount of transparency (and thus privacy) for your garage door.

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