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Help! My Garage Door Won’t Open!

Your garage door is probably the most used entry point in your home and sustains a lot of wear and tear. When your door won’t open or close correctly you may end up with a Google search for “why isn’t my garage door working?” or “why won’t my garage door move when I’m pushing the button?” Having a broken garage door can be a pain and a serious security issue. Here are 10 common reasons your door might stop working:

The power is out: Sounds obvious, but you may not always realize the power is out or the breaker flipped for the garage. Check the power sources to ensure this isn’t the cause.

The photo-eye is blocked: Most garage doors have a sensor to help them avoid shutting on things in the way. If that eye is blocked (and sometimes the glare of the sun at just the right angle will cause it to act blocked), then it will refuse to fully shut until you move whatever is in the way (or block the sun with a shadow).

Door is locked: It’s possible someone just bumped the lock button on your opener. If so, clicking that button will allow it to work again.

Transmitter batteries died: You might be clicking away, only to need new batteries! Try pushing the wall button to see if the direct wiring works.

Blocked signal: If you are using the opener remote, then it may not be reaching correctly or could be blocked. Try the wall button that is wired to the garage door opener to see if it an issue with the opener or not.

Snapped lift cable: Your garage door uses a cable to help counterbalance the weight of your door. If this cable has broken, it needs to be replaced by an expert on garage door repair in OK.

Broken spring: Springs hold a lot of tension and can break, especially in Oklahoma City winters. If the garage door won’t stay open when disengaged from the opener, then a spring may need to be replaced by a trained garage door technician.

Stripped gears: The gears in the opener and shredded and no longer connecting properly. This might even be caused by another issue, like a snapped cable when the door no longer has opening support.

Limit setting is off: The limit setting tells your garage door when to stop and is controlled by an adjustment screw in the opener. If the setting is off, the garage door may close too far and bounce back up.

Door tracks aren’t aligned: If the door slips off a track, a rail gets damaged or the door shifts to be crooked, your door may struggle to open and close. Visually check to see if the door is correctly sitting in the tracks and if the bottom of the door is aligned horizontally with the ground as it opens or lopsided.

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