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Homeowner’s Guide to Thermacore Garage Doors

Your garage door can greatly improve the value of your home, if you choose the right one. That’s why Overhead Door of Oklahoma City ™ sells Thermacore products.

As our highest rated insulated door, Thermacore can save money on your utility bills by improving your home’s energy efficiency. Thermacore doors also make your home more attractive to buyers, should you put your home on the market. If you’re thinking about installing a Thermacore door in your home, here’s what you need to know.

What Is Thermacore?

Thermacore is a highly efficient steel garage door. Each Thermacore product is insulated with polyurethane, to help you control the temperature of your garage.

Why Thermacore? 

Thermacore garage doors have many benefits.


Thermacore products are designed to be attractive, to improve your home’s curb appeal. That beauty is long-lasting, too, because steel garage doors are designed to last for decades.

Energy Efficiency

A lot of energy is lost through the garage door. Thermacore doors prevent the transfer of heat throughout the year, which saves homeowners money.

Property Value

Buyers like to purchase homes that have the latest and greatest products. Your garage door can improve your property’s value, if it’s a worthy product. Work with your garage door contractor to purchase the best product for your home.

Which Thermacore Door is Right For You?

Thermacore comes in a variety of colors and styles. When you’re choosing a Thermacore door, you’ll be faced with several choices.


Thermacore garage doors come with their choice of approximately 14 different window styles, ranging from modern to traditional. They also have optional window arrangements. For homeowners seeking a modern garage door made primarily of glass, that option exists as well.


Standard garage doors have molding to give the door a stately appearance. Flush doors have flat panels that are relatively plain and minimalistic. The style you pick should depend on the appearance and design of your house.


Thermacore garage doors come in a range of colors, generally in neutral colors like white, tan, brown and black. Homeowners seeking doors that resemble wood also have an option to purchase doors embossed with woodgrain patterns. These doors come in light oak, dark oak and walnut colors.

How Can You Get Started?

At Overhead Door of Oklahoma City™, we proudly sell Thermacore doors to homeowners and property owners seeking the best product at the best price. Our Thermacore doors are functional, beautiful, and long-lasting. To find out more about how you can install a Thermacore door on your garage, contact us for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to take measurements, recommend a product and provide a quote.

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