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How Is a Commercial Garage Door Different From a Residential Garage Door?

While commercial garage doors serve the same purpose as residential garage doors, there are key differences between them. Here’s where they differ so you can understand the right specifications when you’re shopping for your next garage door.


The first thing you’ll notice when comparing commercial vs. residential garage doors is the cost. Commercial garage doors cost more than residential garage doors, even if they tend to look more plain in appearance. The extra cost comes from the materials used to create a door that’s bigger, stronger, and more durable than the typical residential garage door. A higher price tag doesn’t make commercial doors better than residential doors, it just makes them suited to their intended purpose: serving the needs of businesses, which are bringing in supplies via truck.


Standard residential garage doors are often built to accommodate one or two cars, with a height of seven feet, although there may be other sizes available. Commercial doors tend to be taller and wider than residential doors because they’re built to accommodate large trucks.  If you’re planning on storing something really big inside your residential garage, like a boat or an RV, a commercial garage door may provide the right size opening to suit your needs. While a detached garage that has a taller than average opening may accommodate a commercial garage door, unless you’re storing something large or planning on loading and unloading supplies, you probably don’t need a commercial door for your residential detached garage.


Residential garage doors tend to operate in a few different ways: while many roll up when they open or close, some styles swing open or slide from one side to the other. In contrast, commercial garage doors tend to roll up toward the ceiling due to ease of operation.


Imagine the number of times a commercial garage door needs to open and close each day. It’s far more than a homeowner might need when opening their garage at the beginning and end of each workday. That durability helps commercial doors perform reliably day after day and last for a long period of time. While homeowners want a reliable, long-lasting garage door, the majority of homeowners will find that quality residential garage doors are tough enough for their needs.


Commercial garage doors are usually crafted from galvanized steel or aluminum. They tend to be very heavy. Residential garage doors come in a broader range of materials: steel and aluminum, as well as fiberglass, vinyl, wood, and composite. And while commercial doors tend to be plain and solid, residential doors are often decorative with windows that let in natural light.

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