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How to Clean Your Commercial Garage Door

It’s important to keep your commercial garage door in good condition for your customers. A beautiful, clean finish that’s well maintained reflects well on your business and on your business practices. Help attract customers who have confidence in your company by keeping your commercial garage door looking beautiful, strong, and new. Clean your commercial garage door on a regular basis to remove dirt and grime.

Different garage door materials are cleaned in different ways, so we’ve provided two different tutorials to help you with this process.

How to Clean Steel Commercial Garage Doors

Steel garage doors can show stains and dirt, which can develop on the surface of the steel over time. By keeping the finish on the doors clean, or by washing your steel garage doors when the dirt build-up is still minimal, you can avoid a lengthy and potentially damaging cleaning process. The longer the dirt and grime stay on the surface of the doors, the more likely it is the finish will be permanently stained.


  1. Mix non-toxic mild cleaner with two gallons of warm water.
  2. Starting from the top of the garage door moving down, wipe the panels with a soft cloth soaked in the warm water.
  3. Use a plastic, soft-bristled brush to wipe away stains and tough grime. Dip the sponge in a combination of warm water mixed with bleach (about one cup bleach to every 5 gallons of warm water) and dish soap.
  4. Switch cloths from time to time to avoid smearing dirt.
  5. Spray down the door with a jet of water from a hose.


  • Don’t pressure wash your garage door.
  • Read your commercial garage door warranty to familiarize yourself with the content and avoid doing anything that could potentially invalidate the warranty.
  • Never use abrasive cleaning pads or cleaning products on your garage.

How to Clean Glass Commercial Garage Doors

Glass garage doors need to be cleaned primarily with glass cleaner. Start by cleaning the aluminum frame with warm, soapy water, then rinse with a hose. When this is done, spray the glass with glass cleaner, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Work with two cloths: one that wipes away the cleaning product, then a dry cloth that wipes away streaks once the glass has been cleaned.


  • Switch cloths periodically through the cleaning process.
  • If the glass is very dirty, start by wiping away loose dirt with a dry towel before using the glass cleaner to polish the glass.

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