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Troubles With a Hot Garage? How To Cool It Down

Whether you use your garage as a workspace, a place to store seasonal decorations like candles, or as a place to store temperature-sensitive materials like paint, a hot garage can be a problem for many reasons. There are many things you can do to make your garage a more comfortable temperature during warm weather. Below are a few tips for dealing with your hot garage.

Insulate the Walls

One of the ways to control the temperature of your garage is to finish the garage, by insulating the walls and installing drywall over the insulation. While some homeowners choose to install insulation and sheetrock themselves, one way to ensure the work is done correctly is by hiring a contractor to finish the space. Hiring a contractor will also get the work done efficiently, so you can focus on other activities that can help cool your garage.

Put Up Curtains

Another way to prevent your garage from heating up is by blocking sunlight that enters your garage through the windows. Put up blackout curtains to prevent sunlight from entering the garage on the south and west sides. Alternatively, you can also put up blinds. Don’t install blinds or curtains on windows on the north side of your garage, as this side is unlikely to need it.

At times of the year when the garage isn’t hot, keep the curtains or blinds open. This allows natural light into your garage and can make it a more pleasant environment to get work done.


Weatherstripping is another way to prevent air leaks and energy leaks, which can also help control the temperature in your garage. Weatherstrip the windows and pedestrian doors of the garage, to fill any spaces and gaps between the door or window and the frame that contains it.

You can also weatherstrip your garage door. To do this, purchase rubber or plastic garage door weatherstripping, then nail the weatherstripping into place. You can also install garage door weatherstripping by hiring a garage door repair person to install the weatherstripping when they perform your next garage door tuneup.

Install Insulated Garage Door

Older garage doors allow air leaks to heat and cool the garage at various times of the year. If your garage door is old, consider installing a new Thermacore door from Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City. Our Thermacore doors are fully insulated and can help keep your garage comfortable year-round.

Install Portable A/C

Portable air conditioners help cool enclosed spaces that are not cooled by traditional air conditioners. Portable air conditioners need to vent to the outdoors.

Place the portable air conditioner near a window and install the vent tube in the window, for proper functionality. If your garage doesn’t have electrical service or enough electrical service, you may need to upgrade. Get help from an electrician to ensure the work is done correctly.

Need Help With Your Hot Garage? We Can Help

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