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How to Prevent Water Coming In Under the Garage Door

Does your garage get puddles every time it rains? If so, you probably already know that your garage door needs adjustment! But knowing that there’s a problem sometimes doesn’t mean that it can be solved without help.

If you notice water coming in under garage door, here’s what you need to determine:

  • First, examine your driveway slope;
  • Then check the “fit” of your garage door when it’s closed;
  • Track where the water enters your garage and how it “ponds” on the floor.

Once you know the real problem, you can easily determine what the next step should be.

A Surface Threshold

A driveway that slopes toward a home even slightly can be problematic during a rainstorm. If water regularly seeps under your garage door when it rains or when snow begins to melt, a secondary rubber threshold might be an easy solution. This little rubber bumper is often an effective barrier to keep the inside dry. Most homeowners can apply the rubber strip with heavy-duty glue as a DIY project. It’s a quick and cost-effective solution to an occasional nuisance.

Check the Door Seals

Garage doors are designed with top, bottom and side seals to prevent a garage interior from water as well as wind under normal conditions. If the door’s alignment has slipped, or if side and bottom weatherstripping is ripped, torn or damaged, the seals may no longer be doing a proper job. If you can see light around the perimeter of the garage, check those areas in particular for drying, cracks and crimps. Know that the lifespan of garage door weatherstipping varies.

Consider a Trench Drain

For more serious water problems, an exterior trench drain might be necessary, and is often the best solution for homes with flat driveways. A trench is dug the entire width of the driveway and covered with a surface grate. The drain prevents exterior ponding, allowing rain and melting snow to drain directly into the dirt below. Ideally, such drains are installed when a home is first built, or in conjunction with a home renovation.

Schedule an Annual Checkup

An annual garage door inspection is a good idea to ensure continued peak performance. Your automatic garage door and opener have many moving parts. Although modern garage doors are designed for performance, they benefit from occasional maintenance. Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City has been serving area customers since 1965, and our services include not only installation and replacement, but also repairs and adjustments. By scheduling a routine checkup, homeowners can eliminate most existing problems and look forward to years of trouble-free operation.

If you’d like more information about our services, or if you’re stymied by recurring water ponding in your home’s garage, call on our experts to help identify the problem and mitigate any damage.

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