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Increase Your Home’s Value With Traditional Garage Door Styles

Garage doors tend to be fairly large, and that means they command a lot of attention when it comes to your home’s curb appeal. Matching your garage doors to your home’s style is a great way to ensure that the doors enhance your home’s architecture and improve its overall appearance rather than detracting from its appeal. While contemporary doors are certainly an option, most homes benefit from traditional garage door styles for a couple of important reasons: First, traditional garage doors tend to blend well with any type of home style or architecture, and second, traditional styles are also the most familiar, which means they tend to be the most attractive option for homeowners, neighbors and buyers.

Traditional garage door styles: More than meets the eye

When we hear the word “traditional,” it’s easy to think “boring,” “standard” or “old-fashioned.” But when it comes to garage doors and most other architectural elements, traditional is more about classic lines and profiles. Combined with your home’s other elements, traditional garage door styles, it can help your home look more established and even more valuable.

Even within traditional garage door styles, there are still plenty of options. Most people think of the classic raised-panel garage door styles when they think of tradition. This classic style is probably the most widely-recognized traditional-type door—and for good reason. Raised-panel doors lend themselves to lots of architectural styles, making them a good choice for most types of homes—even contemporary homes.

Other traditional garage door styles are based on specific “types” or architecture, making them an ideal complement to Arts-and-Crafts bungalows, Prairie-style homes, traditional American Foursquares, Colonials, Victorians and farmhouse-style homes. These doors feature unique elements like multi-paned top lights, arched windows or vertical panels that accentuate your home’s appeal and set it apart from the rest of the block. Carriage-style doors, also called barn-style doors, can really set off the unique style of a Craftsman or Folk Victorian home. Even the door’s hinges and other hardware can be customized to suit your home’s unique style.

Picking the right door for your garage

Your garage door is a big investment in your home and its overall appeal. If you’re not sure which style suits your home, we can help. Our staff can take your home’s design elements into consideration to help you select the ideal door to help your home look its best—now, and for years to come.

Overhead Door of Oklahoma City is happy to help you with your new garage door installation. Call us today to make an appointment for a consultation or to get a quote.

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