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Installing New Commercial Garage Doors? 3 Ways to Be Prepared

Commercial garage door installation takes about half the day, or longer if you’re installing multiple doors. Knowing what to expect, working with a professional garage door installer, and doing your homework before the day of the installation can help make this process easier and less disruptive to your business. Below are three tips to help you be prepared.

1. Sign a Contract

Signing a contract is an important part of any business remodel or upgrade, and any good contractor should produce a thoroughly written, descriptive contract. If your garage door installer doesn’t require a contract, this could be a red flag. Look for payment terms in the contract, so you can know how much, when, and how to pay your contractor. Your garage door installer may require some payment upfront and the rest upon completion of the project. Read the contract well to be prepared for this aspect of the project.

2. Know How Installation Will Impact Business

If you’re installing several garage doors in one day, or if your business is replacing its sole garage door, this is likely to impact your business operations. Whether you’re a mechanic, delivery service, or a trucking business, big improvement projects can change where, when, and how you’re able to do business until the project is finished.

Ask your garage door installer how the work will impact your commercial operation so you can make plans. It may be that your business will have to shut down for a day, or your contractor may be able to complete the work during off-hours.

Communication with clients can be important during this time. Proper signage directing traffic, cones, and other communications with customers and/or staff will be important on the day of the construction. Your garage door installer can help you anticipate those needs, so you can plan properly.

3. Communicate With Your Garage Door Contractor

On the day of the installation, your garage door contractor may require you to prepare the area in order to get the work done. This could include moving heavy pieces of equipment that are in the way of the work area, and/or freeing up plugs for electric equipment. Talk to your garage door installer after signing the contract to ensure that you know you will be there on the day the work is to be done.

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