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Is a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Right For You?

When garage door openers were first invented, everyone had a chain drive opener. Chain drive openers were more than acceptable for their time. However, they weren’t without their faults. They were somewhat loud and didn’t always last very long. The world eventually invented alternatives to chain drive openers. The belt drive opener is one of those alternatives. If you’re shopping for a new garage door opener, here’s what you need to know about belt drive models.

What Is a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener?

Belt drive garage door openers have a belt to push the trolly that moves the J arm. In other words, the belt provides the motion that eventually opens the garage door. On these devices, belts are usually made from fiberglass, polyurethane or rubber. This type of garage door opener is different from chain drive openers, which are controlled by a metal chain.

What Are the Benefits of a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener?

Belt drive garage door openers have two major benefits when compared to chain drive openers. First, they’re much quieter compared to chain drive models. Whereas a chain drive model can be heard from a bedroom over the garage, belt drive openers are usually not.

Second, belt drive openers last longer. Chain drive openers often break prematurely because the movement of metal against metal causes the unit to deteriorate. Belt drive openers last quite a while, because the belt provides gentle movement and little friction in the unit.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Owning a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener?

Belt drive openers are generally considered more luxurious, more valuable, and more technologically advanced compared to chain drive openers. However, they’re also more expensive. If you’re looking for a garage door opener that you can purchase on a budget, the chain drive opener may be more appropriate for your needs.

How Can You Get a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener?

If you would like to purchase a belt drive opener, contact a garage door installation contractor. Your garage door installation contractor can recommend the right model for your needs and give you a quote for purchase and installation.

Contact a Reputable Garage Door Repair Person

To purchase a belt drive garage door opener such as the Legacy 850, Destiny 1200 and the Odyssey 1000, contact Overhead Door of Oklahoma City. We can give you a quote and help you pick the belt drive garage door opener most appropriate for your garage door.

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