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Is a Carriage Style Garage Right for You? Here Are 4 Signs

The carriage style garage is popular for a reason: because their garage doors are beautiful, romantic and they call to mind a time when home building materials were high-quality, built to last. If you’re shopping for a new garage door in Oklahoma City, it’s possible that the carriage-style door is right for your home. Knowing your own preferences is important. Below, we’ve covered some of the signs that you’ll be happiest if you can install this kind of garage door in your home.

1. Your Home is Historic

Historic homes need historic fixtures for the sake of architectural continuity and consistency. Carriage-style doors are designed to look old-fashioned. This means they fit right in when installed in old farmhouses, historic properties, and properties that were built in styles popular before 1950. Whether you live in a craftsman home or a Victorian house, the carriage garage door from Overhead Door of Oklahoma City is a good option for you.

2. You Like Craftsman Details

Do you love to shop for antiques? Do you find yourself admiring objects that are hand-made, built to last? Do you like wooden boxes, millwork in homes, and old-fashioned cabinets that reveal the skill of the carpenter? Then you’ll likely appreciate carriage-style doors, with their embossed wood grain texture and heavy-duty hardware including pull handles and spear hinges. You’ll spend time admiring the way your garage door makes your home look like it was built with attention to detail that you just don’t find anymore.

3. You Appreciate the Romance of a Carriage Style Garage

Carriage-style doors have a kind of romance. Their beauty belongs in movies and books. If you love the romance of carriage-style doors, don’t be embarrassed! They’re made to look this way because they’re attractive, and people have enjoyed that beauty for hundreds of years.

4. You’re Shopping for Stylish New Garage Doors

New garage doors have a near-100% ROI, and our carriage doors add value to your home because they’re popular, attractive, and high-quality. If you’re shopping for stylish new garage doors that will improve the value of your home, Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City can help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re preparing your house to sell, or you simply want your home to look its best, we can help. Want to know more about carriage-style garage doors? Read all about them in our article exploring the pros and cons of these popular garage doors, or call today to make an appointment.

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