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Is DIY Garage Door Repair a Good Idea? Let the Experts Weigh In.

If you’re a relatively handy person with some DIY skills, you might be thinking to yourself,” How hard is it to service a garage?” Indeed, the idea of pouring your own foundation or handling an overhead door installation can be thrilling. The free plans to build a garage that are available all over the Internet can also make it look very easy to accomplish your own major garage building and repair tasks. But unless you’re already experienced in how to fix a garage foundation or have experience with garage door springs, you should leave most tasks up to a professional. Repairing an overhead garage door or installing one is definitely a task you should never do it yourself. Find out why you should leave the overhead door installation to an expert and what you can safely do yourself.

Injury Risk

There’s a very serious risk of injury when repairing or installing overhead garage doors because of their weight. Even a very lightweight door weighs hundreds of pounds, so you cannot simply lift and hold the equipment in place as you install it. Experimenting with boxes and frames to hold up the door can also put you at risk since only professional lifts and frames are secure enough to keep a garage door from falling.

Even if you’re just trying to repair a damaged spring or adjust the fit of the door, it can come loose unexpectedly. The springs themselves are also highly dangerous even when the door is still in place. Each spring has thousands of pounds compressed into it, so it can release unexpectedly and harm you or the rest of the garage door. This is why almost every list of garage safety tips starts with a warning to stay away from the springs unless you’re a professional.

Damage to the Garage

Not only will mistaken garage door repairs lead to potential injury, they’ll also damage the structure of your garage and anything stored in it. Fixing your own garage door may make it seem like it’s working properly only for you to discover a leak or long-term abrasion issue months after your attempted repair. Why spend more later on extensive repairs when calling for a professional upfront can save you thousands of dollars? DIY garage door repairs generally cost a lot more in the long run that you can save upfront. Don’t forget to consider the cost of tools and equipment when considering a do-it-yourself repair. Few homeowners have all of the tools necessary to properly repair a garage door, and trying to use a common wrench or hammer will only increase the chances of injury or damage to the structure.

Garage Organization Plans

Repairs and changes to the interior of the garage are a lot safer than anything involving the door. You’re free to reorganize your garage or add new shelving and other structures as long as they’re well away from the door so they don’t interfere with its operation. If you do need to add structures or make changes near the edges of the door, bring in a repair technician to help guide you through what’s safe and what should be avoided.

Don’t delay on getting the repairs you need to keep your garage door working smoothly. A malfunctioning garage door wastes energy and prevents you from making full use of your garage.

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